Hi, My name is Jordan

(Call me Jay!)


I'm a 5'3 ball of energy that doesn't know when to sit still and am routinely what my friends call a "professional klutz" (I am 'VERY' graceful). That aside, I am a sucker for broadway shows, museums (admitted history geek), outdoor activities, and books.

Living in Canada's capital, there are two things I can't get enough of: food and travelling. I'm constantly searching for my next favourite restaurant or hunting down new events/activities  in the city. 

Despite once being labelled as "the place fun forgot", TRUST ME this little city has so much to offer in terms of food, drink and attractions. Whether it's the best place for a quick bit to eat, or your next big adventure, Ottawa's got it all at your fingertips. 

So follow me, let's go see what's out there!

(and maybe grab a poutine for the way too!)